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Cultural Training Courses in Minnesota

Unite Cloud travels throughout the Midwest and guides communities through the cultural tensions that result from changing demographics. With this cultural training, we hope to unite communities, foster love, and spark change.

Using our experience from the St. Cloud area, Unite Cloud speakers travel to your location and facilitate an honest and forward-thinking discussion.

Experience Our Cultural Programs

Unite Cloud speakers are available for your next conference, special event, or speaking series. Each cultural program is designed for any setting and any group size. Custom speaking programs are available upon request.

Cultural Programs

Empathy, Refugees, & Immigrants

What is empathy? How can we use it when learning from our New American neighbors? Hear from Central MN Green Card Voices—stories of first-generation immigrants and refugees.

Somali Language and Culture Sessions

Learn how to embrace and interact with our Somali community members.

Know Your Rights

This presentation was designed for immigrants and refugees. Learn from immigration attorneys about immigration updates and how they affect the immigrant and refugee communities.

Understanding Latino Culture

Learn about Latino culture from Ulises, a member of our team. Ulises came to the US as an undocumented immigrant, fought to become a citizen, and joined the National Guard.

Understanding Somali Culture

Minnesota is home to over 85,000 Somalis. Learn more about their culture and ask your questions to one of our Somali team members.

Learn from Unite Cloud Equity and Inclusion Workshops

Empower your employees, school staff, students, or civic groups with knowledge and actionable steps gained through Unite Cloud Equity and Inclusion Workshops. Custom workshops are available upon request.


Understanding Racism and Anti-Racism

This training unpacks the definition of race and racism, explores systemic power, examines power and privilege, and illustrates our individual roles in combating racism in our personal and professional lives.

Being a White Teacher in a Multi-Racial Classroom

This training is designed to deepen teachers’ understanding of their frames of reference and potential biases, as well as their impacts on relationships with students, families, and communities.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

How do we ensure our organizations, non-profits, schools, and communities are places where everyone can survive and thrive? Learn how to build a culture that promotes diversity and belonging.

Dismantling White Saviorism: Knowing Your Role in Anti-Racism and Inclusion

This training will help you understand the Eight White Identities and find your role in the ongoing work of racial and social justice in our communities. Enjoy times for individual reflection, small group work, and full group sharing. Join us to say "no" to white saviorism and work toward being an ally.

Doing Our Own Work: Personal and Professional Anti-Racism

A 3-part training for leaders who are ready to dive deep into their personal anti-racism ideals and how they are combating racism in their work/community spaces. Explore decolonization, intentional allyship, systems change, rest, and resilience. Enrollment limit: 30 people.

Moving From Indifference to Action

Communities change, sometimes resulting in cultural, religious, and racial tensions. What can we do to ensure ALL our neighbors can survive and thrive in our community?

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