What to do with all this TERROR?

flagI would imagine that there is not a single person right now in the United States that would deny the fact that we live under the threat of terror. In response to this threat, people have ideas of how to control the many terrors of our time. Gun control. Refugee control. Immigration control. U.S. military control. These ideas should be talked about and realistic, bi-partisan change should be enacted in any areas that are both realistic and good for the American people.


But what are we to do? Little ol’ you and me?

Well, we must also control something. And that something is ourselves. This is not the time to fly off the handle with hate of any group of people – be it Republicans or Democrats, Christians or Muslims.

Even if it FEELS right to make decisions based in fear, we must rise above that to be peacemakers.

What does it look like to be a Central Minnesota peacemaker?

  1. Decide today that you will stand up against any bullying or hate-speech that you come in contact with – whether it’s online or in person.
  2. Build time into your day to interact with strangers. Smile, ask how they are doing (and actively listen to the answer), compliment them, or even pay for their coffee at Starbucks!
  3. Refuse to put someone down because they are different than you. Be intentional about looking for the good in everyone. Sometimes it is buried beneath a mountain of hurt.
  4. Give of yourself – whether it be of your time, talent, or resources. Find a local charity or organization you are passionate about and cheerfully partner with them.
  5. Preach patience, and practice what you preach. Patience with our new immigrant and refugee neighbors – AND patience with the folks that are fearfully combative of these neighbors. Patience with the check-out clerk at Target – AND with the woman in front of you in line giving him the evil eye for not going fast enough. Patience with your children – AND patience for yourself when you have a #parentingfail.

What ideas do you have for ways we can be Central MN peacemakers? Share them by commenting on this article or by commenting on our #unitecloud Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/unitecloud).

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About the Author

Natalie Copeland

Natalie grew up in Central Minnesota and received her Music Education degree from Concordia College in Moorhead. She taught middle school choir in Georgia and worked in the church sector for over a decade. She now works as Executive Director of Unite Cloud, a non-profit working to reduce racial, religious, and cultural tensions in Central MN and is a trainer with the CARE (Community Anti-Racism Education) Team at SCSU (St Cloud State University). She is also a member oft he St Cloud School District 742 board. In her spare time (haha) she loves to spend time with her 3 children, making music and playing games.