US Attorney Luger visits St. Cloud

A couple of weeks ago, US Attorney Andrew Luger came to the St. Cloud Public library to talk about Islamophobia. We had a great turnout, and many people got to hear from Mr. Luger and 3 local panelists – Haji, Ayan, and Lul. A few local attorneys also spoke. It was a great time to learn about our neighbors and understand more about each other!

Andrew Luger, U.S. Attorney

“There are times when we must come together to discuss the issue of intolerance.”

Ayan Omar, Tech High School teacher

“Maybe one day we won’t have to have a discussion on Islamophobia. But right now, it’s important that we have dialogue.”

“Through interfaith panels in this area we have learned that community members want to learn about Islam.”

Lul Hersi, mother and interpreter

“When people ask me ‘Why St. Cloud?’ I tell them it is for my kids. It is a smaller town that I feel is safe for them.”

“I want to be safe around you. I want you to be safe around me.”

Haji Yussuf, #unitecloud Community Director

“This community is a growing community. There are new people that look different, dress different, and maybe even have an accent like me. This means we have new ideas that can help this city to grow. I love this city. I want to protect this city and I will work hard to do that.”

“The feedback #unitecloud gets when we speak is that misinformation is hurting our community. Once we get to know each other, we become more welcoming.”

Ann Coffel, Mid MN Legal Aid

“The panelists have been so kind about the good things in this city. However, I have been out with friends that look different than me and have a different faith from me, and they have been harassed. We don’t want this in our community. We ALL want to be proud of our area.”

Thank you to everyone that came out to learn more about your neighbors!