#UC Rally: My Experience

One of our favorite things to do here at #unitecloud is speak to students, giving them tools to stand up against hate, and allowing them to share their stories with their classmates of what they’ve witnessed and what they themselves have been through. This year, we were invited to speak to a class at St. Cloud State University, after which the students did a self reflection paper on our levels (Moving from Indifference to Action) and responded to either attending a #unitecloud event or reading on of our blogs. We are excited to share a few of the student’s papers over the next couple of months 

In September, a group of people came together to unite and support their community. After the stabbing tragedy (at the St. Cloud mall), some believed it was okay to stereotype a group of people because of something that was one person’s fault. Brave people who did not believe in doing that came together at this rally, where #UniteCloud encouraged a strong sense of community by having people share their stories and wise words.

While at the rally, I met new people. I got to answer other people’s questions about my own culture and beliefs that day. It is always best to ask and get an answer than to assume. That day, I experienced that there was more love than hatred in our community. After the rally, while I was walking back to my car, I met a woman and her husband and, before she asked me my name, she asked if she could give me a hug! I thought that was so nice of her.

I feel that the #UniteCloud members care about everyone in St. Cloud. #UniteCloud provides awareness to our community that not every person from a group of people is a bad person, just because one bad thing happens. For example, I usually walk home alone at night from the library, but, after the mall tragedy, a friend warned me to not walk alone and that scared me. It was like my friend thought that every white person would say something bad. I took this friend with me to the rally to show her that there are people who care and will not hurt her. I told her if she experiences one negative comment, she should not judge the whole group because of one person. My friend was amazed and happy.

I experienced love and unity during the #UniteCloud rally. By educating the community and promoting peace and diversity, everyone has a chance to live in our community without fear and has a chance to express their feelings. #UniteCloud reminds us of our humanity and has done so much good to our community.