This Community of Mine

Today I came home for lunch and got such a sweet surprise at my doorstep. Someone (or maybe somebodies) added to my Christmas decor by placing a nutcracker and a snow scene next to the decorations I placed outside our door this weekend. These gifts just made me smile and reminded me of all of the times my neighbors have gone out of their way to create a positive community.

  • Like the time my car was getting towed and neighbors came rushing to my door, pounding on it, letting me know to rescue my car before it was towed.
  • Or the time my dog escaped the apartment while I was at work and my neighbors chased her around the pond trying to catch her despite their religious beliefs about dogs.
  • Or the time a random neighbor saw us struggling to get our beast of a Christmas tree off of the top shelf in our garage and without even being able to speak English, he walked in and carried that tree to our apartment with a smile.
  • And the wonderful time when the family next door surprised my daughter and I with traditional Somali dress, including the hijab, wraps and even slips. They were beautiful! (Read that story here.)
  • And my neighbors who grabbed the unwieldy mattress a friend was bringing over, to help her husband carry it up two flights of stairs.
  • And all of those neighbors who saw my laundry card loaded with funds left behind in the laundry room and set it aside for me for 3 days until I realized I had left it in there.

I know a lot of people question why we live here and honestly, sometimes I wonder too. Apartment living definitely has its downfalls. But there is something special about this community of people that may be as different as possible when you see us on the outside, but inside we’re very much alike.