#unitecloud is a great organization that represents the community at large. They see where there is a problem and come up with solutions by letting people talk about it in the social media, going to churches and talking, helping in the shelters by serving food to people, giving clothes to the newcomers from refugee camps and a lot more!Lul Hersi, local community activist
#unitecloud: giving me and my husband the faith and hope we needed in this community to stay here and raise our children. Sara Greenberg-Hassan, local mother
#unitecloud has been a valuable resource in the conversation against xenophobia and racism and building community in Greater Minnesota.Erik Hatlestad, MN Public Interest Research Group (MPRIG)
#unitecloud continues to energetically engage St. Cloud communities in diverse activities that sound with wordless eloquence the deathknell of White supremacy and its systemic oppression of minorities.Dr. Malcolm Nazareth, Center for Interfaith Encounter (CIE)
#unitecloud is making an impact, challenging St Cloud residents not to run from the challenging conversations that can build a more inclusive community. Jaylani Hussien, MN Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN)
#unitecloud arrived on the scene at a time when tensions in our community were on the rise. They took the most unique and assertive approach to help ensure that instead of our community engaging in confrontation, we instead engaged in conversation. Thanks to their efforts, people in our community are talking more, yelling less, and building better relationships.Zach Dorholt, local counselor
#unitecloud reminds us to first recognize the humanity and value in our neighbors while building a foundation of trust, respect and understanding between communities. They bring people of different faiths and cultural traditions together around shared values of service, education, peace, and justice. The very best of what sustainable community-building can be is exemplified in the work of #unitecloud.Amber Michel, SCSU professor
In the face of discrimination and bullying, #unitecloud demonstrates great leadership by facing this challenge with integrity, restorative peacemaking and healing. In doing so, their example gives voice, courage and hope to the victims.Fedwa Wazwaz, Engage Minnesota
#unitecloud has not only brought attention to important issues in our community, they have also brought together community leaders and members to make the conversation tangible to everyone.Esther Aspling, local home school teacher
Ever since we first heard about the efforts of #unitecloud to promote understanding and tolerance in the St. Cloud community, we here at Unity‐USA have been fans. So many communities take a very hand‐off approach to the changes facing them—opting to complain about them or just ignore things. By actively promoting a community where new Americans are not made invisible and where problems that arise are faced with compassion, they have set an example for other cities to follow. #unitecloud and its members are an inspiration to many and an example of what makes Minnesota great! We are proud of their successes and celebrate each achievement.Kade Ferris, UnityUSA
#unitecloud is an invaluable resource in the St. Cloud Area working to build cross-cultural bridges and unite as a diverse community. I am so grateful for the work they are doing to dispel stereotypes as we all strive to overcome fear, anger and indifference so often encouraged in our society. Sara Kretschmann, Lutheran Social Services
#unitecloud has worked hard to help build bridges between people of different backgrounds in Central Minnesota.Jim Knoblach, MN State Representative
#unitecloud came to my church, Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church in Foley. Through their articulate presentation and well thought out program, they dispelled myths and rumors that had been circulating in our community. In small towns, fear of the unknown is the biggest enemy when dealing with new neighbors with different faiths from other countries. Information and dialogue are what help to defeat that fear and that is what #unitecloud is very good at.Pastor Timothy J. Wittwer, Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church, Foley, MN
UniteCloud has stepped in to fill a tremendous need in central Minnesota. Their approach to unify all cultures through open dialogue with a goal to seek understanding has changed the unspoken racial beliefs that many people hold. As someone who understands the challenges of living in another culture, I can say that I wish there was a team like UniteCloud dedicated to bridging cultural understanding in every country. Their approach, insight and knowledge is invaluable in today’s changing world.Tina Schmidt, Director of Philanthropic Relations, ZOE