Stop Sex Trafficking with a Phone!

Sex trafficking. The whole idea makes us appalled and angry. I first became aware of how this industry has grown when I moved to Atlanta GA ten years ago. I learned that Atlanta’s claim to shame is that they currently rank number one in the nation for this horrendous industry. Sadly articles in the St. Cloud times in July indicate that this is a growing issue for central Minnesota.

Many of us wonder what we can do to help eliminate this problem. We give money to organizations that work to free sex slaves; we do vigils to bring awareness to the problem, but it seems so inadequate.

Recently a coworker, knowing I do extensive travel with my job, brought to my awareness an app that can be downloaded to smartphones that can help investigators in their pursuit of rescuing the victims of this crime. The app is called TraffickCam. You can download it for free at your phone’s app store. This app will allow you to take pictures of your hotel room, which will be put into a file that investigators will use to identify where these trafficking crimes are taking place. All you do is click on the camera icon inside the app and take four pictures of the hotel where you are staying.

These pictures are uploaded and stored for future use. They even give you suggestions as to what to pictures to capture. You receive an instant thank you from the TraffickCam app telling you how many images they now have on file.

Now we all have a very effective way of helping to reveal where these criminals are hiding and freeing innocent victims who need every one of us to care and get involved. Please get the App and start using it today!