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Cultural Artwork by Anisa Hagi

About Your Facilitator

Your facilitator, Farhiya Iman, will act as your guide through 3 exciting Somali language and culture Zoom sessions. You will learn conversational phrases to share with your colleagues, customers/clients/patients, or friends. You'll also dive into Somali culture exploring things like family roles and religion.

Farhiya Iman

Intro to Somali Language and Culture

Have you always wanted to learn more about your Somali neighbors? Join us for 3 exciting Somali language and culture sessions where your facilitator, Farhiya, will teach you some Somali, explain and answer questions about the Somali culture, and share with you her coming to America story. By the end of the three sessions, you will know conversational phrases to share with your colleagues, customers, students, clients, patients, or friends. You'll also be more knowledgeable about Somali culture topics such as family roles and religion. Sign up today - these classes usually fill up fast!

Class Participant Limit: 25
Class Full

Next Intro class:

  • September/October 2022 (Tuesdays, Sept. 13, 20, 27, Oct. 4th)
  • Held at the Whitney Senior Center in St. Cloud. 
  • This class will have 4 sessions, with the last session being a Somali cooking class!

Sign up through the Whitney Senior Center here:

Class is in Session!

Advanced Somali Language and Culture

So you’ve taken our Intro to Somali Language and Culture and it left you wanting more! We’ve designed this advanced class with you in mind! Join us for another 3 exciting Somali language and culture sessions where your facilitator, Farhiya, will build upon the Somali you have already learned and expand your knowledge of Somali culture to include artwork, poetry, song, and dance! Participants must have taken Intro to Somali Language and Culture to attend this class.

Class Participant Limit: 20
Spots Remaining: 16

Our first cohort of the Advanced class will be meeting via Zoom on these dates:

  • October 18th
  • October 25th
  • November 1st

Sign up is available on this site!

  • This was an excellent introduction into Somali culture."
  • “Farhiya, thank you for sharing your knowledge and time with us. You are a beacon of light!”
  • “Farhiya! Awesome class, thanks for your time and energy! Mahadsanid! I have already had the opportunity to greet some of my neighbors in Somali and it went very smoothly!”
  • “I loved learning from you about your experiences in Africa and America, your culture, and helpful conversational phrases to better communicate with my neighbors. MAHADSENID!! I didn't even have to look at my notes to remember that, you're such a great teacher 🙂 Thank you so much.”
  • Farhiya was so kind and personable, which made the class so comfortable. I enjoyed learning the simple phrases and the importance of family in their culture.”
  • “I just loved everything. I loved learning more about the culture first hand from a Somali woman, I also love that I know some basic phrases to be more welcoming in my community.”
  • “I loved the opportunity of having a space to talk about Somali language and culture. It has been fun to try to say some words/sentences to my students. This course also helped me understand my students' backgrounds and have more empathy towards them.”
Cultural Artwork by Anisa Hagi
This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board and the Central MN Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.