Shelter-in-place? I have no shelter!

Our neighbors experiencing homelessness in the St. Cloud area need your help!

ACTIONABLE STEP: Call on our St. Cloud City Leaders and encourage them to support your neighbors experiencing homelessness during this COVID-19 pandemic. You can find City Council contact info here and Mayor Klies’ contact info here.

Feel free to use this script, listing the needs as told to us by Nancy Dyson, a local leader with Neighbors to Friends who works directly with the impacted population:

“I am calling today to speak to you, a leader in our community, about our St. Cloud neighbors experiencing homelessness.

I’m encouraging you to take the following actions:

  1. Install Porta-Potties and hand washing stations downtown.
  2. Install hand washing station at Lake George.
  3. Go to Lake George from 2-3 any day Monday-Friday to show solidarity with our neighbors on the streets. (This is when Neighbors to Friends is meeting with our homeless neighbors to help them with immediate needs).
  4. Pass the proposed allocations of the CDBG money at the city council meeting to help local organizations serving our homeless neighbors. (Here is the planned resolution that is set to be voted on by the city council on Monday, April 13th.)

Can I count on you to care for our neighbors experiencing homelessness in these ways?”

Want to help our homeless neighbors even more?

Reach out to Nancy Dyson, Director of  Neighbors to Friends, a local group whose mission is “to ease the day to day struggles of people in our neighborhood who are in poverty or experiencing homelessness.” Follow/message them on Facebook or reach out to Nancy at Learn more about what Nancy and her volunteers are doing in this video, and thank you for your support and solidarity!