Reading and Listening for Justice: Introduction

Reading has always been something I enjoyed. When I was a kid in Brazil, I gravitated more toward comic books, choose-your-own-adventure books, and some YA novels. After college and graduate school, reading became part of my job. I started reading a lot of non-fiction, and that is still my favorite genre. Reading about United States history became especially important to me as I realized I was going to live here for good. There is still so much to learn about the United States and the world that I keep going back to non-fiction, even though I have expanded what I like to read. 

Today, “reading” books takes on a new, more fluid meaning. I have two kids, so my time to read for leisure is very limited. After my first kid was born seven years ago, I started listening to audiobooks on a regular basis. I didn’t (and don’t) have that much time to sit down and enjoy a book, but the commute to work and doing chores at home have become the time to get some learnin’ on.  

When I started listening to audiobooks, I used paid websites and apps to purchase books. I did not realize, at the time, that I could have access to thousands of audiobooks for free through my local public library. That was a game-changer. Today, I listen to books all the time, from books I was eager to read to ones I discovered through the library system.  

How to Get Audiobooks (And Books Too) 

I thought it would be cool to share some of the audiobooks I have been reading lately that connect to what we hope to do here at Unite Cloud, thinking about ways to educate ourselves and envisioning ways to make real change in our community. All the books that I will talk about in my posts are available for free at the Great River Regional Library (click here for some information on how to get a card)  or the Hennepin County Library (if you have a GRRL card, you can get a card for this library too—check it out here). Most of these were audiobooks I listened to on Libby, but many will also be available as physical books or eBooks too. 

What the Blog Series Will Look Like 

When I talk about a book, I will also share the link to it on the library system, so you can check it out on your own. I will always pose some questions and comments and would love to hear from others as they read/listen to the same books (or if they have read them before).

It will be a simple format. First, I will talk about what led me to the book (a recommendation, a random book that sounded interesting, etc.), then I will write about why I think others should read this book, and I will end with some ramblings about the book, as well as questions for us to interact and discuss the book.

So, my hope is that this can be a sort of asynchronous book club. We read the book on our own and then share some thoughts about how this book can help us continue our vision of a safe and trusting Central Minnesota community. 

I hope you all join me in these conversations!