Virtual Story Stitch: Connecting Community


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Virtual Story Stitch: Connecting Community

Telling our stories and staying connected during this time is more important than ever!

Join Unite Cloud leaders Zurya Anjum and Natalie Ringsmuth for a session of Virtual Story Stitch, a storytelling activity that connects people online from different cultural backgrounds and geographic locations by using the online Zoom platform.

Date: Sunday, September 20th
Time: 2-4pm
Where: Zoom (link will be sent via email to those who register)
Cost: FREE (thanks to grants from Welcoming America and Headwaters Foundation for Justice)

Sign up by: Wednesday, September 16th  (an email will be sent to all participants on Thursday, September 17th)

Participation will be capped at 20 people.

About Story Stitch:

Green Card Voices co-created Story Stitch with their diverse Twin Cities community in 2018. Story Stitch encourages conversations between community members as they discuss their backgrounds and stories – from where they consider home, to their family histories and personal journeys. Green Card Voices believes that everyone has a story, and Story Stitch allows players to share theirs and connect with one another in a moderated environment.

Story Stitch will further the conversation between immigrants and non-immigrants as communities learn more about their different and shared stories. The conversational card game is perfect for use in classrooms, diversity trainings, workshops, workplaces, leadership and fellow retreats, conferences, and senior homes – just to name a few.

Why VIRTUAL Story Stitch? 

In March 2020, responding to the Corona-virus (COVID-19) pandemic, the team co-created again and came up with a virtual version of the game to stay connected, share our stories, and feel less isolated during the time of social distancing. Virtual Story Stitch is a storytelling activity that virtually connects people from different cultural backgrounds and geographic locations by using a Zoom platform through the computer or phone. In addition to the 33 original questions, there are 7 bonus questions pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who is Green Card Voices?


Green Card Voices is a Minneapolis based, nationally growing non profit that connects immigrants and their communities through multimedia storytelling. We record the first person narratives of immigrants, and publish them in books, online and in traveling exhibits. So far we have recorded the stories of immigrants who are originally from over 120 countries and who now reside in Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, California, North Dakota, Georgia and Wisconsin.


Green Card Voices was born from the idea that the broad narrative of current immigrants should be communicated in a way true to each immigrant’s story.  Green Card Voices seeks to be a new lens for those in the immigration dialogue. Our programming is designed to empower educational institutions, community groups, and individuals alike to acquire first person perspectives about immigrants’ lives, to foster empathy and build appreciation for the immigrant experience in America. Over a million and a half people have experienced our content so far.