Peace, Community, Conversation

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and in the case of the #NotInMyName action a couple weeks ago, that is the truth!




Most people that drove by either honked in support and yelled things out their window like “Thank you” or “I’d be out there with you if I wasn’t on my way to work!” Unfortunately, we had a few rude folks that yelled “Send them back where they came from” or worse (as captured on video by someone who gathered with us):

*Adult language alert*

In the end of the video you can hear Ron Bransner’s distaste for this man’s actions. I am quick to tell Ron every time we meet that it isn’t him neccesarily that I am concerned about and I even told Usama the same thing – it is the very angry and aggressive folks that leave these meetings and end up verbally or physically abusing our Muslim neighbors that concern us. This is why #unitecloud must continue to stand in solidarity with our Muslim neighbors.

#unitecloud supporters will continue to fight against this hatred and demonization of our Muslim neighbors – especially since we have put a man on the path to the white house that thinks a “total and complete shutdown of all Muslims entering the U.S.” isn’t against our American right of freedom of and from religion. My Muslim neighbor is my neighbor, and most of the time, my fellow American citizen. My Muslim neighbor is not my enemy.