My skin color, my hijab, your problem

An open letter to Central MN from a black, Muslim woman

With so many blaming blacks for their own deaths- I wish they’d walk in our shoes for just a day. I don’t go through half of what the African Americans born into this country for generations go through. However, I’ve had extreme cases of racism unfold throughout the years I’ve lived in this country.

I was chased into a parking lot in Park Meadows (an apartment complex in Waite Park) a few years ago by a white adult male. I was minding my own business, but, the sight of me triggered anger in his heart.

I have been followed into a store by another male in his 40’s insulting my beliefs.

I’ve had classmates threaten me and much more.

These didn’t happen because of disobedience to the law on my behalf. It didn’t happen because I stole as I’ve never robbed anyone. It didn’t happen because I had spoken to these folks or harmed them in anyway. It happened because they could not stand the sight of me- whether it was my color or my hijab or the fact that I am a woman.

No one is blaming all cops for current issues, instead, the blame is on the screwed up system.

I know most of you know this already. But, I wish your friends did too.


Your Neighbor