MN Nice or MN Nasty?

Stuff is getting real here, folks. MN Nice is morphing into MN Nasty right before our very eyes. A few folks in our state are taking the hateful rhetoric from our presidential election and using it to target whole people groups in MN. This time, the group was all – and I mean ALL – of our Somali Muslim neighbors.

Ignorance to the fullest! Donald Trump supporter left the Somali Museum of MN a hateful voicemail message yesterday. His phone number clearly appeared on the Caller ID and you can listen to his message which I have posted below. It saddens me that there are people living in this world such as this man wanting us to disappear off of this great country. Whomever you are and anyone with your same thoughts, know that Somali muslims work hard day and night to make this country great. Oh, and as far as the Somali Museum goes, this great organization isn’t going anywhere pal.

– Mohamoud Osmen, Program Coordinator at the Somali Museum of MN (Minneapolis)

Listen to the voicemail here.

In case you can’t hear the voicemail, here is the transcript:

Hello. Um, I just wanted to inform you all that when Donald Trump is elected president, you are going to have to close down your museum because there are not going to be any Somalis left in the state. So you’re not going to make any money, right? So, I suggest you start packing up right now – you close everything down! Tell all the Somalis that come there regularly – and tell all your white visitors too – tell them ALL to stop coming because it is going to get closed down when Donald Trump gets elected. 

Now, uh, I’m not going to close it down, but, how are you going to exist when there is no Somalis left in the state ’cause they’ll all be deported back to Somalia – FORCIBLY deported – by the government of the United States of America. 

So, uh, I just want to inform you – you better start packing ’cause I’m sure you have a lot of stuff in there and, you know, November’s coming around and he’s going to get elected and we’re going to put a ban on all Muslims – including and ESPECIALLY Somalis.

Now, you go listen to Donald Trump’s speeches – he’s talking about Somalis in Minnesota. He’s talking about them! What do you think is going to happen? They’re all going to get deported! *gasp* What’s going to happen then to your museum? *gasps again* Oh no! Oh no!

So, anyways, I’m just informing you – I’m kindly – like, you know, ’cause Minnesotans are so nice, right? I’m being nice – I’m informing you that you better close down your museum – you better close it down FAST because all Muslims -including and ESPECIALLY Somali Muslims –  are getting deported.

So, have a nice day.

Stand up, MN. Stand up, St. Cloud. Be counted among the people that speak out against this dangerous behavior. History has shown us what is possible when the good people of a country do not speak up against this type of hate-speech. Words DO matter.

What side of history will you be on?

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