Mayor: St. Cloud, St. Joe, Waite Park

As the 2020 election draws near, we sent out candidate surveys to better understand how our Central MN candidates hope to represent us. Because we are interested in building communities that emphasizes our shared sense of safety in hopes to decrease fear and suspicion of those who are different from us, we focused our questions on these issues. We will share the responses from all candidates who were gracious enough to share their vision for our communities. We hope the information helps you find candidates who will represent you in elected office.

This blog explores the mayor races in the cities of St. Cloud, Waite Park, and St. Joseph. 

St. Cloud

Neither candidate submitted answers to our survey. Also, we did not receive any communication from either candidate.  

To learn more about the candidates, view the links to local media below: 

Kleis to run for fifth term as mayor

Schiller aims to use city management major, military experience to lead

Waite Park

Neither candidate submitted answers to our survey. Also, we did not receive any communication from either candidate.  

To learn more about the candidates, view the link to local media below:

Waite Park mayoral candidates talk road improvement, crime, and spending 

St. Joe

Neither candidate submitted answers to our survey. Candidate Rick Schultz did not communicate with us at all.

Candidate Anne Buckvold sent in a letter instead of answering the survey: 

Dear #UniteCloud members and friends, 

I am privileged to be able to express my views to your organization. Thank you for this  opportunity. 

I grew up in Minnesota, and have lived in the St. Cloud region for fifteen years. I have four  children in the St. Cloud school district, I care deeply about this community and have been an  active and involved member most of this time. I began organizing in the area faith communities  in 2012 and in 2016 I decided to run for a legislative seat, although I lost my first race, I  succeeded in being elected to the city council in St. Joseph in 2018. I am Catholic and have  tremendous faith in what the human family can accomplish when we work together. My call, has  always been to meet people where they are. 

I believe the purpose of #UniteCloud is aligned with my own. That purpose being to create a  more inclusive community in the St. Cloud region, one in which every community member can  thrive, one where differences are valued and not used as a basis for discrimination. The  questions posed to candidates on the #UniteCloud survey, confirms for me, this alliance. If we set  our minds to growing as a community to become more inclusive, not less, where each of us is  able to develop our full potential as contributing members of this community, we all stand to  gain. This to me, is the fundamental truth of a whole and healthy community. 

As city council member and mayoral candidate in the city of St Joseph, I am committed to my  local community in St. Joseph, and the surrounding area. My current focus is to acquire a  deeper understanding on a number of issue areas and the ways in which bias and  discrimination play a role. In recent months and weeks, I’ve met and will continue to meet with  leaders in the areas of housing, law enforcement, domestic violence, transportation, education,  human services and been in touch with the local human rights office on a number of issues. I  seek to strengthen any and all public institutions, to the extent necessary, to ensure they are  equipped to serve each community member as best as possible, eliminating any identified  barriers and/or discrimination and providing greater efficiency and fairness in accomplishing the  task of the organization. Those I have met with know that I want to hear about problem areas,  as well as opportunities to improve and that I have an eye toward action. 

I am grateful for the outreach of #UniteCloud in connecting with local candidates. I ask each and  every community member reading this, particularly those in St. Joseph, to communicate to me  the ways in which you know or have experienced discrimination or barriers locally. I want a  better understanding of the ways in which discrimination takes place. I would also like to hear  any ideas community members have about the actions I and other elected leaders could take to  create a more inclusive community and eliminate systemic barriers that may exist. I can be  reached at or 320.339.1941. 

In partnership and with best regards, 

Anne Buckvold

To learn more about the candidates, view the links to local media below: 

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