Imagine Peace

Imagine if this week, when Outfront MN leader, Justin, spoke at SCSU about his work ensuring our LGBTQ+ neighbors can live life in peace, a local hatemonger didn’t pass out a pamphlet that encouraged violence towards him and our LGBTQ+ neighbors.

Also, imagine that, two weeks ago someone didn’t followed Justin home and light a four foot by four foot swastika on fire before peeling away in their car.

Imagine that, while walking down the street in St. Cloud, one of your neighbors identifying with the pronouns they/them didn’t get yelled at, saying “I didn’t know they let YOUR KIND in this city.”

Imagine that, while pumping their gas, your neighbor with a rainbow keychain didn’t get called a fag by the person across the pump from them.

Imagine that at your faith space, which is supposed to be a refuge for you, one of the congregants didn’t ask the leaders why they are allowing a trans woman to serve donuts and coffee, claiming that goes against your Holy Book.

Imagine that, when you are marching in a Pride Peace Walk, people from your local faith space didn’t come up and say that you are an embarrassment to your community.

Imagine that your friends didn’t pity you when they learn your son came out as gay.

Imagine that your neighbor wasn’t forced into conversion therapy and told she needs to “pray the gay away”.

Imagine that, when a couple says they would sing for a same-sex wedding, they didn’t get told they were “too soft on sin” and get kicked out of your faith space.

Imagine (enter your story here).