We were saddened to learn of the vandalism that was performed to Granite City Baptist Church’s building on Friday before our peaceful demonstration promoting community and conversation. (Someone spray painted “F$&! Your Hate” on an outside wall of the church)

To be clear, #unitecloud is against this vandalism and vandalism of any kind. Illegal acts like this will not bring our community together. Conversation, even with people you vehemently disagree with, is the way a community comes together. Vandalism, acts of violence, and any other illegal activity, will only drive another wedge into our already divided community.

Central MN, this tension-resolving, community-building game is a long game, and #unitecloud is in it for the long haul. We are helping our neighbors come together and stand for community, peace, and conversation. If the person who committed the vandalism is reading this, please understand: You just made our job harder. A lot harder. As we’ve said from the beginning HATE+HATE=MORE HATE.

Thank you to those of you that stood in the name of peace on Friday night, admist the rain and in spite of folks yelling at you that you were going to hell for being a Muslim-sympathizer. We are proud of you and we are able to continue this work because of you. As many of you pointed out on your signs and with your voices: LOVE WINS.