Leading Communities Through Cultural Change

#UNITECLOUD travels throughout Minnesota and neighboring states leading communities and organizations through cultural tensions that result from changing demographics. Utilizing our experience from the St. Cloud area, #UNITECLOUD speakers will travel to your location and facilitate an honest and useful discussion in a safe and familiar environment. We are there to talk with you, not at you.
We have created programs to fit a variety of learning environments, from businesses or community organizations, to schools and churches, for any sized gathering.



#UniteCloud speakers are available for your next conference, special event, or speaker series. Custom speaking programs are available upon request.


  • 5 Essential Steps to Unite a Community
  • Empathy, Refugees, and Immigrants


Bring #UniteCloud trainers into your business, faith group, non-profit, or community group. Custom trainings are available upon request.


  • Moving from Indifference to Action
  • Know Your Rights Training
  • What do Muslims Believe?
  • Understanding Somali Culture
  • Understanding Latino Culture



Empower your employees, school staff, students, faith group, or civic group with knowledge and actionable steps gained through #UniteCloud workshops. Custom workshops are available upon request.


  • Immigration, Refugees and the Law
  • Stories of Faith Amidst Changing Demographics
  • What is it Like to be a Refugee (Elementary, Middle, High School)

Speaking Programs

5 Essential steps to unite a community

How did the #UniteCloud movement help turn “White Cloud” into #UniteCloud? Learn 5 proven steps that your community can take today to begin uniting!

Empathy, Refugees & Immigrants

What is empathy? How is it different than sympathy? And how can we utilize empathy when learning from and listening to our New American neighbors? (This program utilizes Central MN Green Card Voices stories of first generation immigrants or refugees.)

Training Programs

Moving from indifference to action

This training program is designed to allow individuals to assess where they are on our unique continuum of social change. Are you ready to move out of indifference into listening, learning, talking and finally, acting? Find out how to move up a level or two and bring others along with you on your journey.

What do Muslims Believe?

So, you want to be more welcoming to your Muslim neighbors, but you don’t know where to begin. Plus, you have so many questions! This workshop is designed to answer your questions and raise your comfort level with your Muslim neighbors. Who better to learn about Muslims but from Muslims themselves? This training is led by members of our speaking team!

Understanding Latino Culture

Minnesota’s Hispanic population is one of the fastest growing, going from 50,000 to over 250,000 in the past couple of decades. Learn more about the Latino culture from, Ulises, a member of our speaking team. Originally from Mexico, Ulises came to the US as an undocumented immigrant when he was a child. He fought hard to become an American citizen so that he could join the Army National Guard. Learn more about Ulises and about your Hispanic neighbors through this training!

Understanding Somali Culture

Minnesota is home to over 85,000 Somalis. Why are they here? How did they get here? What is the difference between Somali culture and the Muslim religion? Get the answers to these questions and be able to ask your other questions to a Somali member of our speaking team.

Know Your Rights

This training is meant for immigrants and refugees. Learn from immigration attorneys about immigration updates and how they affect the immigrant and refugee communities.


Immigration, Refugees and the law

What are America’s policies of immigration and refugees? Who sets them, and how do they affect us as a nation, state, and local community? Answers to these and other questions you have are answered in this workshop by Laura Tripicano, an immigration attorney on our speaking team.

Stories of faith amidst changing demographics

This workshop is meant for Christian churches and faith groups.
I know the Bible says that I am to love my neighbor. How do I love my Muslim neighbor? How do I reach out to the New Americans in my town? And what role does my Christian faith play in all this? Natalie will share her journey through these questions with you and help you continue in your journey to walk in love to ALL neighbors.

What is it like to be a refugee?

This workshop is meant for students, grades 3-12. #UniteCloud Director, Natalie, combines her background in education with her work in bridging cultures. Utilizing real-life scenarios, she will guide students through hands on activities that will share who refugees are and why there are refugees in America and around the world. Stories from 1st generation refugees and immigrant students from Minnesota will be shared.

Our Speaking Team

The #UniteCloud speaking team will speak to, train, or lead a workshop for a group of any size!



Pricing available for one of our speaking programs – or, have us design a customized speaking program fit to your needs. Our speakers are also available to be on your panel regarding any topic you see in our education programming.

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Pricing available for one of our training programs – or, have us design a customized training program to fit to your needs. Our team is also available to help you customize training programs for your business or civic group.

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Pricing available for one of our workshop – or, have us design a customized workshop fit to your needs. Our team is also available as consultants to assist you in planning a full conference regarding any topic you see in our education programming.

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