Down From The Mountain

If you want your world to change for the better, not the worse
Come down from your mountain

Tired of seeing the bad instead of the good in those around you?
Come down from your mountain

So you’re the one who’s drinking up all the water while those around you thirst
Come down from your mountain

Upset with others who don’t do what you want them to do?
Come down from your mountain

When you finally see the light and error of your ways
You’ve come down from the mountain.

At last you’ve decided to live in peace in this place
And come down from the mountain

Being high on that hill only makes you higher still and you need
To come down from the mountain

You can live in peace and love with your neighbor
If you will come down from the mountain

About the Author

Linden Frank

Born in the Navy town of San Diego, I was on the move quite often/every three years, so I developed a talent for making new friends. It was while serving on active duty in the US NAVY I realized the wide spread love and acceptance I could have for the world. Even in a religious setting like a Chaplain's Office, we were taught to be all things to all people and as diverse as we could be. The Navy prides itself on accepting and integrating other cultures into its ranks. No matter your nationality, you are sailor as much as the other person. It was that attitude about diversity that helped me work with the Hispanic community while I continued on into government service as a USDA/FSIS food inspector. I retired in 2011 from government service. Since then I have relocated to a very diverse community here in Saint Cloud. I am impressed by the number of locals who have welcomed these immigrants. Yes, there have been issues and I've learned from those issues. Look forward to a great time in learning to be “all things to all people”.