Chronicles of the Diaspora

You are invited to an important play, Chronicles of the Diaspora, that is coming to the St. Cloud area!

When: Friday, March 25th, 7PM

Where: St. Cloud State University, Ritsche Auditorium

Ticket info: This event is FREE, but, seating is limited. Doors open at 6:30pm.

What is this play about?

Chronicles Of The Diaspora highlights the experiences of two Somali-American immigrant families and examines their version of the American dream.  Many forces play into the story of these families – Somali politics, identity crisis, terrorism, and the strains of preserving culture that is precious to Somali families. It also addresses issues of mental health, suicide, domestic abuse (topics many consider taboo), and highlights the misunderstandings and tensions between long time Americans and their new Somali neighbors.

As these conversations take place in the setting of 2 living rooms, we continue to discover that the Somali story is more than one of forced migration. Promises of prosperity and happiness are felt that reach far beyond the limbo of living in two cultures.

Play written by Minnesota resident

Abdi Phenomenal is the artistic director at Ka Joog, a nonprofit organization that works to improve the lives of Minnesota Somali-American youth. Abdi came to America as a child and experienced the clashing of two cultures first hand. He found strength and solace in poetry, leading him to become a spoken word artist. He has traveled around the world sharing his talents!

Why is it free?

“Chronicles of the Diaspora” is funded in part by a $200,000 grant that Minnesota legislators set aside last year to help Ka Joog provide arts programs to Somali-American youth across the state.

Please join us!

Check out this sneak peek…and then join us for the real thing on Friday, March 25th at 7pm at Ritsche Auditorium at St. Cloud State University.