Building Bridges: Interning for Fe y Justicia

My internship with Fe y Justicia has been filled with diverse encounters and meaningful experiences. I have been granted the incredible privilege of connecting with a wide range of individuals.

Working for a female-led team in college, I am no stranger to the amazing capabilities that women possess. The experience of collaborating with the group of women leading Fe y Justicia has not only inspired me, but it has also provided me with a newfound sense of encouragement and confidence in my professional skills. Their passion for what they do is infectious, and it fuels my own desire to make a meaningful impact through social justice.

The leadership demonstrated by these women has been truly empowering. They have shattered stereotypes and defied expectations, showcasing their exceptional abilities in every aspect of the work. From assisting in legal resources, to health clinics, to matters of education, or getting legislation passed, social justice is truly met for the Latino/a community through the work of Fe y Justicia.

In addition to working with the remarkable team at Fe y Justicia, my position as an intern has provided me with a range of responsibilities and opportunities to contribute to the organization’s mission. One of the tasks I undertake is reaching out to the Mexican consulate and assisting individuals who require consular services, such as passport renewals, visa applications, or seeking guidance on legal matters.

Another significant aspect of my internship revolves around data collection and management. With the aim of creating a comprehensive database, I gather and organize information about our contacts within the community. This database not only enables us to maintain a centralized record of our community members, but also helps us support their unique requirements.

My internship experience at Fe y Justicia has allowed me to witness firsthand the positive change that can be achieved through compassionate assistance. By helping Latino/a individuals navigate the complex systems in America, I have deepened my commitment for social advocacy, specifically for the community of Latinos, whom I share an ethnic background with.